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Unblessed was one of the 3 Co-founders of the Nordorian Circle along with False Prophet and Mardok back in 1989. After a long period of practicing & rehearsing, he manage to participate and to give his personal seal to the first 2 demos ( Ceremony Of Demonic Brutality, His Fictitious Grandeur) of the band with a great musical success. The reviews were more than great.

Somewhere in 1994, he decided to part ways with the band and take his own long ride in the Greek music business. He worked as a session musician with several greek bands (from metal to jazz, from rock to blues, etc) for an extended period of time in the most famous music venues of Athens/Greece.

All these years of musical occupation (live performances, composing & recording sessions), made him an expirienced musician and a good collaborator, ready to face every musical challenge with a full professional attitude.

2012 was the symbolic year that brought him back to his metal roots and closer to NORDOR once again.

February of 2014 was meant to be a new fresh start for the band after the full scale line up changes that gave False Prophet the chance to look forward for the best musical allies once more. Unblessed was one of them. After almost 2 years of re-evaluating his musical carrier, Unblessed agreed to be the first Nordorian choice as a lead bass player when the band needed him the most.

1994 - 2014, 20 years of his musical quest had become the most powerful tool of the trade in the music business nowadays. Wish Him good luck and he promised to do his best on a stage near you.