False Prophet
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False Prophet

Being a restless spirit, False Prophet began listening to rock music since the age of 10, from his sister's record collection. After a few years, rock music was not enough for his ears anymore, and so he moved on to metal. in 1987, his classmate, Themis (who later became the drummer of Rotting Christ, and first session drummer of NORDOR) showed him his brother Sakis' guitar. The moment he saw the guitar, False Prophet realized that this is what he was meant to do, and started saving money to buy his first guitar.

Hating the way music schools taught music back then, he followed the hard road of the self-taught musician. In 1987, he started playing music with friends, which led to the founding of NORDOR 2 years later.

Rough financial times after 1995 forced him to put Nordor into a halt until 2003. During those years, he participated in several releases as guitarist, drummer, bass player and singer, and he always gave his best to each project.

In 2003, after suggestions of his friend and CEO of "Sleaszy Rider Records", he agreed and decided to release the 3 early demos of Nordor as a CD, named "Nordorian Manifestations".

That move was what made him start writing music for Nordor again.

On August 1st 2005, False Prophet's life changed dramatically. On that day, he lost his only sister, aged 38. That's when he realized that life is too short to not pursue your dreams, and set purpose on making Nordor his full time job, fulfilling his dreams.

A few weeks before his sister's passing, he had met Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), who gave him a great idea; He could go live with him in Gothenburg, Sweden, and help him, learning as much as possible about music business along the way. And that's what he did.

In November 2005, he moved to Sweden to make a fresh start. He accumulated much experience until 2007, when he was forced to return to Greece due to some financial problems. During his time there, he also met many world-famous musicians, and realized that he still had a long way to go in order to achieve his goal.

Upon his return, he had to find the best musicians possible to fill Nordor's line-up and start performing live.

Apart from the band, upon returning to Greece, he also started making his hobby a job. From a hobbyist guitar technician, he is now the guitar technician of the greatest Greek metal bands, something which helped him create Nordor's unique sound, despite being a self-taught guitarist.

He loves what he does and is 100% dedicated to the band. He is always anticipating the next tours and album recordings of Nordor.