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"AIRLIA" aka DIMITRA TRIPI is the third new member of the Nordorian Family.

Her name is taken from an ethereal fairy and the reason that she has chosen this name is that singing,and especially the classical one, is about the perfection of air/breathing management.

"AIRLIA" is a lyric soprano singer and she is in the fifth year of her classical singing studies. She decided to have the best theoretical background in classical music, so she took the degree in Harmony. She also had some counterpoint lessons.

After finishing all these and also the required courses, (piano, history of music, choir,harmony dictee, harmony prima vista, morphology), she concentrated in the classical technique of singing and finally she will have a glorious future in professional singing.

But don't forget to remember that she also sings many genres of music like jazz,rock etc. "AIRLIA" joined NORDOR because she wanted to experiment and show her skills in composition and live performance.